Painting a mural to bring the outside in.

I had a blank wall in my foyer that just didn’t work. A mural helped. I painted this a number of years ago.


One stroke painting, Tole Tray

This was a plain yellow tray. I primed it and painted the base with Rust-Oleum Painter's Heirloom White paint. Then I used one stroke painting technique for the flowers. After the flowers dried I sealed it with a clear Polyurethane spray.



One of a kind freestanding hutch.

This was the top of a small hutch. There was no shelf. I got a 12x1 inch piece of wood and cut it to size. Adding the brackets below to complete the finished look. I also added molding around the shelf for a detailed finished look. I was unable to get both stains to match so I did a green paint wash on the shelf’s edge and the edges of the back splash, with decorative one stroke flower arrangement painting in the center.



A shabby Chest transformed into a wonderful decorative piece of furniture.

This was an antique chest with no drawers. I could not find matching drawers so I decided to make doors. I measured and cut the doors out of a ¾ inch oak. I then painted 1x1 strips of wood black, cut to size and screwed to the door giving them a finished edge.

To make the inside more functional I added a slide out drawer using kitchen drawer brackets and 3/4 inch oak piece of wood. The back is a piece of ¾ inch oak. I measured the width of the chest and cut the oak wood to fit nicely in back. I then used a Jig saw and cut the curves on top. I added molding around the edges to give it a finished look and it also makes the wood look very thick. To add more stability and a decorative look I added the side brackets. I connected them to the back piece and the chest. I measured out all the shelving and the wooden beams that I cut from a wooden crib. I painted the beams and the shelving black before attaching them to the back. I attached the back with 1x1 strips of wood going from the top all the way down to the bottom of the legs. Before attaching the shelves, I stained everything to make sure it all matched in color. The ending result.



Coming back to life, fresh and pretty

This was a dark wood stained drop leaf coffee table. It looked dirty and tired. I sanded, primed and painted with Heirloom white by Rust – Oleum. I painted the center roses with one stroke painting technique.


Serving tray fit for a lady

This serving tray was originally painted a gray color. I then painted it my favorite color white. Heirloom white by Rust Oleum. I used a one stroke painting technique for the roses.


Pretty and pink

This was a frame and the roses were pink. I decided to paint the frame heirloom white, I did one stroke painting technique for the roses.


Nice showcase for pictures.

This is an old house window made out of wood. I wanted to prepare this window for a fresh new coat of paint. I started by scraping and sanding all to old flaky and chipped paint off. When I started to sand it, it reviled all these wonderful colors. It was the history of that window and how many times it has been painted over the past seventy-five years. I decided not to paint it, but to leave it showing all the history.

I then got some etching paint. I taped down a stencil to the class and applied the etching paint as directed on the jar. When I removed the paint and the stencil I had this great etching. I printed out some great summer photos and applied them to the glass I didn't etch.
This is defiantly a one of a kind window.


Home Sweet Home

I drew these teapots out of a 1-inch piece of play wood. I took my jigsaw and cut the teapot out. I then drilled two holes on each side for the flower handle. I sanded, primed and painted with heirloom white paint. For the final touch I added a appliqués, Home Sweet Home wording and painted a green boarder.


Headboard & footboard transformation

This was a twin bed, headboard and footboard. I found them at a garage sale for 10.00. I sanded, primed and painted them. I added the shelving and Appliqués. The carved posts are posts from a wooden crib. I added a mirror and coat hooks to the headboard.

If it's standing still, watch out! I will paint anything that is not moving.

When I found this wonderful collection of frames, they were all different colors. I primed and painted them. I liked the Idea of having a collection of different size frames arranged on the wall. I decided to add my signature and paint the wall behind with flowers. Cost $7.00

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